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What are Robot Portraits? 
Everything here --->…

Examples: Eric F Matos Robot Portrait by ZipDraw Harley Quinn _ Robot Portraits by ZipDraw Cali Robot Portrait by ZipDraw Cute Jena Robot Portrait by ZipDraw 

I'm open for Robot Portrait commissions. 
Want to be painted as a robot? or a character you like?
You can totally get a personalized one for a low price!
They're done on 5x8 cardstock, with watercolor and ink. 
For only $25! 
If you are interested in one, email me, or note me with the title, "Hey ninja, I want a robot portrait. my name is [Name]"

If interested in something else other than a robot portrait, sit tight and I will be posting a commission price guide sometime later this week.

As always, stay shexy my, Ninjaz!
-Zip Alegria <----- Is afraid of the dark.

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Hey all you Sexy Ninjaz!
This is a pilot I directed and a bunch of other stuff.
We made this show with a very very tight budget and 6 months to do it. 
casting, building sets, and props, filming, and post production.
Check out our hard work.
If you like retro scifi and comedy, give this a look. 
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Hey ninjaz,
I know I been MIA from deviantart, and I would love to change that, but most of my work I cannot show, due to NDA's.
What I can show you guys, is the work I been doing for the past year!
I've been moving toward film recently, something I always wanted to do, but comics seemed more within possiblility.
However, I found myself in this world of film, working on sets, storyboarding for filmmakers, then eventually filming my own short film that got a ton of praise from the film makers and actors I know.
Mainly due to the script, and the professional way I handled the production pipeline.
Anyway, I met some great passionate folks who have specific skills and wanted to make something special, and don't consider making films a "hobby" but a career.
My fiance, myself, and our good friend Andy Lundquist started our own production studio called Slap Happy Pictures.
We already have 3 short films under our banner, and worked with Morgan's Wonderland to produce their animated storybook for a live show.
Our main goal though is to make a pilot for a science fiction comedy. A startrek parody, in the style of Danger 5, Spaceballs, or even Red Dwarf.
We want to do as much as we can with PRACTICAL effects, like miniature spaceships, an actual set, and physical props.
We've put our own money into this production, and EVERYONE who has helped, from the contractors, to the PA's, and even the actors, think we got a solid, and funny script/concept.
We would however, like to pay our actors, and add some production value to the pilot. So we have created an Indygogo campaign.…
We made a rough intro, and are still working on it, when we are not at our dayjobs, or constructing the sets.
Please, if you can, contribute, and share the campaign.

Thanks, my ninjaz!
-Zip Alegria
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Go here ----> martial-arts-madness.deviantar…  
and vote for #2

Unless you like #4, then vote for that one, but you should totally vote #2.
 I would like to win, just because.

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Hey Ninjaz,
Sorry for the absence, I had commissioned a computer to be built by one of my older Sponsors. But when I got it, it would only work for at the most 3 days, when something would be wrong or off with it. So I kept taking it to his house and leaving it over night, so he can fix the kinks or replace hardware. I finally got it back and also have projects that were on hold, because they were digital. I will be posting a few traditional sketches and teasers, in the following days to come, I also got to reply to comments. There are some big things I'm working on and cannot wait to show you guys the final product. Also I think we are going to be looking at some other conventions outside of Texas, for a group that I started called Sketchy individuals.
Info is here on my site
Oh, did I not tell you about my site? Yeah, Jena has been working on it with her laptop for a while now. This is her first site she has made, and she is kicking it's ass, slowly. XD
Commissions will open back up soon, and there will be only a few slots.
In other news, check out this Halo Fanart I will be posting later tonight. <--- YouTube Video!!!!

Shexy Ninjaz, You're all alright in my book...
... It's called, "Zip's Big F***ing Book of Badassery".

-Zip Alegria <--- Adding more and more names to The Book.
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Sup' Ninjaz?

First I would like to announce that a fellow deviant is looking for an artist to draw his book, and he's payin'! :iconmattlane555: Is the man,  and if you are interested or an artist looking for work, email him.
Another good friend of mine, Michael Cantu, is also needing an artist for his book and is also paying, it's good money.
If you are interested email these guys and ask them for a sample,  if you dig it, send them a portfolio or samples:
-Matt Lane:
-Michael Cantu:

Okay now to some other news, well I went to a Comic and toy expo in San Marcos TX, and it was fun.…
My fiancee met Doug Jones, and found out that his agent is the same as Camden Toy, the villain in the film she is producing.  Doug Jones was going to be the villain in her movie but his schedule wasn't open, so we got Camden, who is IMO just as bad ass.
Jena (Fiancee) also met, Michael Rooker, who plays Merle Dixon in the walking dead, and he was apparently very huggy lol. and I had The President of Hound Comics, come to my table and ask me to publish my book with them. It seems like a good deal, but I think I will stick to my original plan and publish myself for now. I've been confident in CrimsonBlade, more recently since multiple publishers have expressed interest in it, but I am just waiting for the right offer. I am trying to get my printing order for the preview issue done by tomorrow but the lettering and the cover are still in progress. If I can't get it done by friday afternoon, I will miss my personal deadline of june 9th, which would suck. But the bright side is I have notice leap in quality in my pages since the first page. Please feel free to leave comments of encouragement, XD it really helps. I also got to hang with some great artist and did an art trade with this awesome artist from Louisiana i believe, named Johnny Segura :iconjohnnysegura3rd:. I pretty much traded one of each of my prints and book for some prints from him. It is by far the coolest art trade I have done so far at cons. Well that is pretty much it, and also be sure to check out the fan page for the movie My Fiancee is producing.…
Please "like" the page and spread the word about it. It struggled at first but after we got rid of the guy who was stealing money from the film, and my gorgeous lady started organizing and funding the project, shit started rolling.
once again here is the link just incase you missed it.………

Stay shexy Ninjaz!
-Zip Alegria <------------ Needs a break, and is going to watch some damn cartoons. :P
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1- Tell you something I learned about you by looking at your page for 10 seconds.

2- Tell you a color you remind me of.

3- Tell you what element I believe you belong to (water, fire, air, etc.).

4- Tell you what OC(s) of yours is/are my favorite(s).

5- Ask you a question, and you must answer.

6- Tell you something I like about you.

7- Give you a nickname.

8- Tell you what am I doing right now.

9- Tell you what food/flavor/smell you remind me of.

10- Dare you to do one of these in your journal too, if you haven't already.

I take my time to answer these though, cause you all got some interesting galleries and pages.

I have news for you guys that I will post about later in the week.

Just FYI Regular Size Rudy is awesome.
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Hey there, Ninjaz!
So i hope you have come to the conclusion that I am open for art "bidness" (business for all you un-hip kids out there).
I need to pay rent and all that since right now I been concentrating on my comic, and the jobs are kinda scarce right now. So, I am am opening up commissions again, but this time your commission will be recorded and added to my youtube channel. You get to see your piece created from beginning to end.

check out some of my other vids here --->…

I will be charging $70 for a full color commission (w/o painted background) and posted on my youtube page (backgrounds cost extra.). I will also be willing to mail prints but you pay the shipping.

here are some examples: Hughes Pissed Hallway by ZipDraw Youseff Version 1 by ZipDraw Campin With A Dragon by ZipDraw mockvengers by ZipDraw Whovians in Space! by ZipDraw

I will only have a limit of 6 commissions right now so, first come first serve.

If you can't afford one right now can you spread the word?

Gimme the cash!…

Later ninjaz
-Zip Alegria <----- needs to buy more dog food for my little guy. :C but no monies Sad Gus by ZipDraw (guilt trip initiated!)
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What up Ninjaz?

It's been a long while since there's been any updates. Lotta things going on (one of which involved a massive ninja battle with evil kung-fu Ronald McDonald know how it is), but things are calmin down now. You know what that means? It means Zip gets back to CrimsonBlade!

So here's the scoop: several pages for Episode One/Issue One are now given the full lineart treatment, and now they need some snazzy ninja colors thrown on there. Specifically, the flat colors. Here's where we go to you guys.

We need volunteers to be Flat Ninjas! If you have the time to work on applying flat colors to a comic page or two, and if you have experience working with layers and lineart, either through GIMP, Paint Shop Pro, PhotoImpact, Photoshop, or another graphics program of your choice, we want to see examples of your Flats work.

Now, we're looking for experienced flatters first, but if you have not done such work before and are willing to give it a shot, here's a lineart image for you to test your skills on. We will even show you how to do so.…

Should we like the work you do, you'll get a random page to work on, as well as a color palette to get the right colors. You'll also be given a credit in the book, along with all your other Flat Ninjas. No money is involved at this time, but we're working up a worthy compensation for those who stick with us and help out. So if you're in it for the money...well, for right now, we can't do that. YET. So that's why we're asking for volunteers, and we're laying it out up front. We definitely need help to speed things up and meet some deadlines (sssshhh...can't say yet! :P )

So if you want in, drop a line here with some examples of your flat colors work (or use the lineart provided above to show off your leet Ninja skills!), and we'll see what we can do!

Until then...PEACE!
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Hey Ninjaz,
I posted that Vid I promised.…


-Zip Alegria
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Hey there, Ninjaz!
I got an episode of Pencil Power Extraz, Pretty much the same thing but digital. We couldn't get together this friday for Filming, so I made a episode myself and learned to edit in 1 night. LOL
Pencil Power Extraz will also be sped up demos of past Pencil Power Sketches being colored.… <--- New Episode

I will have another Episode of Extraz, It will be the fist pencil Power's sketch being colored. Pencil power ep1 final by ZipDraw

If you would like a specific subject you want me to tackle, just drop a comment and spread the word. XD

Ok ya Shexy ninjaz I need to go back to playing Sleeping Dogs, I haven't played games in a while and it is my only relax day.

-Zip Alegria <--- Shaved today, and ran for the first time since the accident... I still kinda limp.

***Edit*** Oh and I forgot to say, I will be posting YouTube vids of Commissions, when purchased, on my Zipdraw channel.…
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I am helping with a youtube show called, Pencil Power.
Check it out!!…

And subscribe dammit! XD also spread the word, cause every week we will put out a episode.

Thanks Ninjaz!

-Zip Alegria
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Hey my ninjaz,
I recently went to the Emergencey room at the hospital because i fell from my balcony and tore the bottom of my foot open. I nearly died and barely made it before I bled out,  ended up getting 10 stitches and a minor surgery on the said foot. I was confined to my bed and really could not move for about 2 weeks. I literally saw the bones from my foot when I fell and tied it down with my torn foot. I kept telling jokes and trying to cheer everyone up, specially my fiancee who was scared that I was going to die. (lol)
I am fine now, except I have crustches and am instructed to not to put any weight on it. I am taking some STRONG painkillers since the location of my wound is where a cluster of pressure points and nerves are. I havent been drawing becasuse well, i have had other things on my mind LOL and I had seemed to lose my motivation to draw anything. But, thanks to my best friend Eric :iconshadowmaginis: I got my creative flow back again. We went to se the hobbit a second time and got to hang and geek out. I have not got to hang out with anyone for a long time now, it has been work work work, and being a hermit. I plan to change that this comming year, and kick "art's" ass.
As for my stupid lame foot, well I will try and keep you all updated, and not let it get to me. XD

if you ninjaz want to see the foot after the stiches and surgery, check it out here --->…
-Zip Alegria <--- Has been up for nearly 48 hrs... why? No freakin' clue.

P.S. Sorry for the erros in grammer and spelling, I am on painkillers, tired, and very lazy. :P
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Hey Ninjaz,
I just want you all to know that I am now going to be apart of a live action film called, Now Hiring. The director saw one of the animated shorts I worked on and totally dug it! I'll be working on a short animated part of the film, and I am going to be assisting the Visual effects studio with costuming and props.

This is the Now Hiring fan page ---->…

And this is the short limited animation that caught the Director's eye.…

I also want to let all you ninjaz know about A Project my good friend, Jeremy the Artist. Check out his kickstarter page for all the info. XD…

Please spread the word about all this, my ninjaz!

-Zip Alegria
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Some of you may be wondering about the addition of punctuation to my journal entry this time around. Well, to solve that mystery, it is because this is not Zip. No. There is no Zip. Not anymore.

For at least the next month, the artist you have come to know as Zip will be isolated in the artists' studio(/kitchen) we have set aside for this very purpose. The reason behind his isolation can be summed up in two words:


You see, his dreams have been haunted. His waking hours, obsessed.

He doesn't eat.
He doesn't sleep.
He doesn't love.

All he can do, is create.

For the tale of the Crimson Blade is bursting to get out, and won't cease to consume him until its tale is told in its entirety.

So loyal fans, friends...ninjaz.... be brave. He will return, and when he does....

Your world, our world, may never be the same.


While you're at it LIKE our page on the Facebook…
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Sup, ninjaz
I will be warming up and flexing my art muscles on livestream.

-Zip Alegria <---- gunna drawz
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Hey there Shexy Ninjaz!
Well I think "Condo" is just another word for a fancy apartment.... Why am I talking about Condos? Well my Fiancee Jena, and I  are moving to one on the 14th. After so many problems with our landlord here in the south side of town (ghetto, but we never had problems here.) We were being evicted but now we settled that, however I don't think he will give us our deposit back. which is fine because Karma comes back. The awesome thing is that we found a condo, on the rich side of town.... Not really something we were going for but works out well since all our business contacts, meetings, events ect.  People usually seem to be unsettled when they find out we lived on the south side *gasp!* Low income area! Actually I would like to take this moment to say that from all the shootings, robberies and death reports we hear from family in the NORTH (rich) side, we have never had any of those problems. Just one time we had a break in but the guy was shot like 2 days after trying to rob another house in the block. don't break into houses in Texas, we can totally shoot you XP. Other than that never had any problems, I could go into stories on how awesome it is on this side but I just want to give you all awesome news that we found a place that is awesome and fancy. Oh and they allow our pets! We got 4 cats and a dag.... trying to find homes for the 2 cats we found but no one wants em' so they have been stuck with us.  I am not complaining.... they kinda grew on me XD

You stay shexy my Ninjaz, and I will stay-
-Zip Alegria <--- will live in a condo... with a fireplace!  

I gotta go and pack now. :C
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Sup' Ninjaz

Man everything that could go wrong went wrong these past 2 months, luckily I have been able to pretty much take care of everything with he help of my awesome fiancee, Jena. There is plenty to do and I got a small amount of time to do it, but I believe I can. I been also trying to limit my time on the internet since nothing gets cdone when I get on facebook, deviantart, gmail, IMDB,WIkipedia, IO9, random news sites. I honestly believe that looking at my facebook feed is depressing as hell lol so I will just stick to getting on it occasionally with my phone.

I will however be more active on Deviantart,I need to start commenting and checking out people who I watch. It seems like there is never time enough time to click through my 6,000 deviation notifications. I may have to "unwatch" some groups that I apparently have in my watch list, I have no idea how i ended up in half of them anyway lol. I got to be more activehere where it counts XD

So, right now commissions are closed due to a large pile of work ahead of me. My lack of computer on and off for 2 months (so much happened), being off balance (i had something in my ear for a long time), and the shit with my leg. I am happy to report that it seems to be in great health, I am relieved. Things are looking much better, and is it not written "when you hit rock bottom there is no way out but up?" XD

Later ninjaz!
Zip Alegria <---- going to cut the neglected grass today.
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Hey there, Ninjaz
I would like to say my apologies to those who i owed commissions for (i think only 2 but still) I have been off the radar as oflate due to some medical issues and major financial issues. Nothing for you guys to worry about,I seem to be doing fine, but while I was away everything seemed to mess up at once, as these things tend to happen lol. My computer was fyucked, my truck broke down and our landlord wanted to kick us out, but all that has been fixed (sorta, the comp is still having issues.). I believe i may need surgury on my leg. For those of you who know me personally in "RL" I have a chunk missing from my leg, I nearly had it amputated. It was saved due to a few working nerves and so I was allowed to keep the leg. However the tendons or some shit tightened up in the back and I may need to have surgery to cut it out, I really don't know the specifics. I have had about 12 major operations on the leg alone, and when i was first released from the operations back in 96' I was told I couldn't do any sports. So I did what i always do, I defy them and I went on to continue my MMA training. I went to Thailand once and came back with gold for a small tournament my instructor got me in, and i dominated local and state competitions for a year or so. So when i went back to the hospital the doctor was surprised with my awesomely healed leg and gave the go ahead to fight, and I told him i took his warnings from a year earlier and ignored them, he was not too happy about that. So my leg is alright not super bad, but every several years i guess i need maintenance surgery on it:C. So the point of that lame story is that It has passed and I am back, back to draw again, post up work, and turn in work owed.
please do not worry, We were able to handle everything pretty well. Having a fiancee who loves you and is there for support really makes everything flow soooooooooo much easier. I want to take this moment and say you all rock, I will make up my absence to you all with something cool. what should i draw? I will try to have it posted by next week.
Also in other news, since i have not been drawing I have been networking and doing the "bidness" thing in my profession. Oh and my fiancee is the an Executive producer for a movie (means she gave a lot of money to the film.) Check it out here ----->

Ok ninjaz, keep on keeping on!
-Zip Alegria <--- this fucker
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I will be sketching for a bit then working on crimsonblade banner.